Mark Zuckerburg’s MetaCurse

The 11 minute video of Mark Zuckerberg unveiling the virtual world called “the metaverse” was tone deaf.

Mark and his colleagues tried so hard to stay upbeat, cheerful, and lighthearted. They tried to make the metaverse seem whimsical and fun.

In this video he didn’t address any objections a person might have to entering a purely digital social-world.

He didn’t address any objections people would have based on his past policies.

He didn’t address any of the things that a person would “miss out” on by being in a virtual world, and how a “healthy balance with real life” would be necessary.

He didn’t address the context that would force people to want to escape into a virtual world. (The fact that people feel like they are living in a nightmare and they are afraid of their fellow humans!)

Lets start with a list of things you can’t get in the metaverse:

Here are a list of drawbacks to the metaverse that Mark didn’t mention:

Mark leaves out the context of the Plandemic and Cultural War. Does he have good timing on this roll out or what?

Why Mark Zuckerburg has lost all credibility as the person to usher in this new phase of human existence:

In the Metaverse unveiling video, Mark and his engineer discussed how the human hands are such an engineering marvel and difficult to recreate.

Yes, they are. We were made by divine design.

Mark and his team can try to play God, but they will always fall short if they don’t acknowledge the divine creation of humanity, animals, plants, nature, the sun, moon, ocean, and the earth.

Man can play with technology, but at what expense?

I will probably never be willing to put on a VR headset. Maybe augmented glasses if I actually trusted the company creating the hardware and software.

You have to earn humanity’s trust before we are willing to enter this phase of reality. You have to address every objection we have, and you have to show you have a plan to address all of the drawbacks such as addiction, health, social effects, etc.

If these technocrats show no interest in balancing technology and nature, we will reject technology outright and go back to a simple way of life. You know, with hugs, kisses, procreation, live concerts, sports, animals, and all those things about life on earth that make life worth living!

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